Infinity Joins the Voyage Into Healing

Patricia Leat believed in the healing properties the ocean can provide, and that’s what led her to turn her 50′ ketch rigged sailboat into an escape for special needs children and their families. Once Infinity heard about this extraordinary cause and Patricia’s mission for Voyage Into Healing, they knew they had to get involved.

How Millennials are Revamping the RV Industry

Now, more than ever, younger generations are looking for smaller homes that provide bigger opportunities for traveling and entertainment. While camping is an escape from reality that baby boomers have known about for a while, millennials are jumping on board and spreading the trend like wildfire.

Meet Mark & Dawn of RV Education 101

For Mark & Dawn, RVing is more than just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. They average about 6,000 miles per year, and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. For them, it’s all about seeking new adventures and making lasting memories–together.   RVing is the force that collided Mark and Dawn’s worlds. They met while

7 Benefits That Set Infinity Apart

Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl is the perfect hybrid between a hard surface and soft surface floor covering. Our product provides a cleanable top surface that is heat bonded together with a high-density cushion backing system, giving it both the durability and comfort that is highly desired in the market today.