Why did you choose the name Infinity?
Infinity was chosen by original founder Steve Couch. He sought a product that had infinite designs and uses. Our Luxury Woven Vinyl™ met both requirements so he named the company Infinity Fabrics. In 2016 we were acquired by Twitchell Technical Products, LLC and our company name was changed to Infinity Woven Products, LLC.


Where is Luxury Woven Vinyl™ (LWV) made?
Infinity is made in The United States of America; Alabama & Georgia to be more specific.


Is LWV pet friendly?
Absolutely! Our weave technology keeps the fibers secure through a PVC coating meaning resistance to frays, picking or claw damage to the flooring.


How many widths do you offer?
Currently 8’6″ and 10′ widths are standard. Custom widths are possible.


How many backings do you offer?
Currently our most popular backing is Compact Cushion (.115-.146” thickness).
We also offer Ultra-Thin (.062-.089” thickness) and Heavy Duty (.150-.223” thickness).


How is it applied?
You can apply LWV flooring through direct glue down adhesion, bound mats or loose lay depending on the application.


Do you sell Adhesive directly?
Yes, Use the Contact Us Form or contact your Sales & Service Rep, 706-529-2241


What do I cut LWV with?
You can cut LWV with a utility knife. The blade should always be new. Never use dull blades.


Can your flooring be seamed?
Yes, LWV can be seamed. Here is a quick video that shows one method.


How do I prep the surface?
For direct glue adhesion, the floor must be smooth, clean, flat, and dry—no dirt, dust, wax, glossy paint, or any other foreign material. Uneven surfaces should be sanded smooth or filled until surface is completely flat, clean, and dry. Non-wood floors must be fully cured, structurally sound, and free of curing or parting agents. Glossy or metallic surfaces should be sanded to dull the surface.

If floor is made of multiple wooden planks, ensure that the entire floor is level and that there are no gaps or unfilled space between planks. Joints between planks should be level and smooth. Woven vinyl flooring looks best when installed on a completely flat surface.


How do I make patterns for my boat, RV or surface space?
Check out our Mat Kit Template page (click here to download) to learn how to create a template.


What is the best method to clean LWV flooring?
Please find our Care & Cleaning Resource link here.


How can I become a reseller of LWV flooring?
We are always interested in developing great local contacts with high quality reputations. If you meet that qualification, reach out to our Sales & Service team through the following link and we will look forward getting to know you better.


I’m DIY, can I buy direct from you?
We do not sell direct to consumers but are happy to assist you in finding the best way to purchase and install. Contact us here.


What is the warranty?
Please find our warranty statements for Luxury Woven Vinyl™ WarrantySuperior™ Upholstery Vinyl Warranty, and Supreme Bimini, Awning & Canvas Warranty


How do I join your email list?
We would love to stay in contact with you. Sign up here.


How can I opt out of your mailing list?
Please click unsubscribe at the bottom of your next e-newsletter.


Are there any job openings?
We post all open positions on our Careers page. Click here to see any openings.


Where can I see your full collection of products?
We have hi-resolution photos of all our collections. View them through our Products tab.