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Infinity Introduces Luxury Woven Vinyl Patterns Series 08.07.17


Infinity Introduces Luxury Woven Vinyl Patterns Series

Infinity, the premier marine flooring supplier is once again revolutionizing the industry through their Luxury Woven Vinyl flooring by introducing complex designs through their new and enhanced Patterns Series.

DALTON, Ga. (July 15, 2017) – Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl (LWV), LLC continues to be the key innovator in the marketplace by introducing new designs and luxury flooring in the aftermarket. Designed, manufactured and supplied in America, the unique pattern series excites and innovates LWV in the marketplace.

“Infinity is the only manufacturer to introduce weaves where each yarn can be individually manipulated. With this new technology, Infinity can produce styles of woven vinyl fabric more intricate than ever before,” quoted by Boating Industry Magazine. The Patterns Series was awarded in the 2017 Boating Industry Magazine Top Products for its innovation, unique design creation and advanced weaving technologies in the industry.
The two new styles to be introduced to the aftermarket are Flax and Abacá. Both are inspired by organic elements found in nature. Flax is inspired by flax plants originally used in textiles over 30,000 years ago. The new interpretation provides incredible and natural beauty. Abacá is inspired by a banana plant known for its distinct tall and robust leaf, sword-like in appearance. Abacá is sure to wow neighbors with its bold and impressive design.
“Infinity prides itself on innovation by bringing innovative concepts to flooring! Infinity continues to grow with its highest quality products and remain the leader for LWV flooring in the marketplace. We’re excited to keep it going through these new designs,” said Vice President of Corporate Sales, Warren McCrickard.
Infinity’s manufacturing process is American made and manufactured in the United States, one of the many benefits that Infinity offers to the aftermarket. Its 10-year limited warranty against UV Fade sets the product apart from other flooring brands with exposed fibers that will break down and deteriorate in direct sunlight or heavy traffic. Its unique design has a lasting first impression, easy to clean and low maintenance for years of enjoyment.
Whether glue down, snap in, or loose lay, Infinity works for all types of applications. They sell direct to local businesses globally and have dedicated staff providing world class sales and customer service. The trusted name in Marine flooring is Infinity, American manufactured and American made. Visit to see their entire offering including Seagrass, Teak and Bamboo. It’s simply better flooring giving you more time to make amazing memories with family and friends.

See the new styles here: Flax & Abacá


About Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl, LLC:
Since 2008, Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl (LWV), LLC has offered designers and specifies the premier floor fashion proven to withstand even the most demanding environments; all while being UV-stable resistant to fading, and include antimicrobial technology which prevents bacterial growth. Our LWV features a unique, heavy-traffic rated vinyl backing that makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor use on all types of surfaces. Founded on principles of environmental sustainability, innovative design and client education, Infinity continues to challenge the status quo. It’s simply better flooring. To learn more, visit