1) Durability
Stays sturdy and dependable, even in the highest traffic areas.
*TARR Rating: ASTM D5252 Passes for Heavy Commercial 12,000 cycles at 5.0.

2) Maintenance
Stain resistant and antimicrobial, so it allows quick and efficient cleaning.
*The recommended cleaning procedure is a Hot Water Extraction cleaning system to effectively clean deep in the woven vinyl in a timely manner.

3) Health
Secludes airborne particles for improved air quality. Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl is easily sanitized and quick to dry, so cleaning Infinity is fast and effective.

4) Safety
Extremely slip-resistant due to low profile nature.
*ASTM: 1028 Exceeds the Standards

5) Acoustics
Proven to reduce noise levels in the noisiest of environments, improving communication and perception.
*The Impact Insulation Class is 62 for our Flooring Product compared to other flooring types. The higher the numerical rating, the greater the sound insulation. VCT typically range from 15 to 20. The results for Rubber Range from 15 to 30. Carpet IICs range from 35 to 50.

6) Comfort
Equipped with a cushioned backing that provides extreme support for fatigue and protection from impact due to slips and falls.

7) Indoor and Outdoor Product
The floor covering has a 10-year UV/Fade Limited Warranty.
* Light Stability Indoor/Outdoor Application ASTM F1515: Pass: 300 Hrs. – 5.0 grayscale rating.

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