For travel bloggers Genevieve and Eben Stolz, it’s all in the family. That’s why they started documenting their world adventures through their site It’s A Necessity. When they became pregnant with their first child, they knew it was the start of their next great adventure and it was only the beginning. They bought a boat, had a baby, and the rest is history. Now, they spend their days traveling the world with their two girls in tow and sharing their experiences. One of which documented the installation of our Luxury Woven Vinyl on their 41 foot Morgan boat, Necesse.

It took the Stolz family four years to find the perfect flooring for their sailboat, but all it took was one look at Infinity’s Luxury Woven Vinyl, and they knew they had found the right fit. They wanted something that not only looked good but could also hold up to two kids (with sandy feet) running all over it. The family’s new flooring wasn’t just durable and easy on the eyes, but came packed with a ton of other benefits that the Stolz’s didn’t know would change their boating lifestyle as much as they did.

The family’s favorite features and benefits included stain resistance, the comfortable foam backing, and the do-it-yourself factor. “The girls have spilled numerous foods and drinks on the floor (especially under the dinner table) and it is no harder than a wipe of a cloth or a quick hand vac and it’s gone. And I mean, gone, no sight of it, no stains,” the mother of two said. The Infinity foam backing not only added a new level of comfort but allowed for more family time for the Stolz. 

“Before installing Infinity Flooring the floor of our sailboat was bare. It was uncomfortable and constantly looking dirty. But once we had the LWV in there, we sat and played on the floor way more. The padding made it comfortable on the feet and bums,” Genevieve explains. The do-it-yourself factor of the flooring also provided the Stolz with more family time, since everyone had a helping hand in installing the new flooring both inside and outside the ship. They documented many steps of their process on their blog so that readers could follow along.  

After installing Infinity inside their boat, they took the flooring to the next level… Necesse’s deck. They chose a lighter color and thinner backing for the sailboat deck, two decisions that resulted in some very happy customers. “The outdoor flooring is cooler to the touch than deck paint and is cushier than just the straight boat deck, which means we spend a lot more time sitting out on the deck now than we did before,” mom, Genevieve said.

“We no longer had to worry as much about our (young at the time) girls tripping, falling, and hurting themselves. It was my favorite addition to our boat by far. And cleaning was surprisingly easier. It gave our boat an improved style and made us feel more at home,” Genevieve concludes.

Infinity looks forward to helping families just like this one “feel more at home.”

To follow along with the Stolz family and their journeys, follow their Instagram page, Facebook, or visit It’s A


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