Blu-Sky has evolved over the decades in Australia from the early days as a Non-Woven fabric supplier (Foss Manufacturing) to the shoe and automotive manufacturing industries. Over a decade ago, Southern Cross Textiles took over and expanded the business into the marine and RV sectors. In April 2017, Blu-Sky Products acquired Southern Cross Textiles with a focus on becoming Australia’s most comprehensive automotive, marine, and external flooring solutions provider. Today they are a major supplier to the marine, RV manufacturing, shipwright and trimming sectors. 

When asked why Infinity, Wayne Gates, Managing Director replied, “We are proud to partner with Infinity as their values of quality and customer service are directly aligned with ours as an organization.  Since launching Infinity this year nationally we have not been able to keep up with demand and we only see this continuing due to its uniqueness which is meeting an untapped demand for low maintenance and luxury. We have a reputation for innovation and affordable quality and our partnership with Infinity strengthens this, especially with the recent innovations and the introduction of IMO approved flooring.”

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