The difference in Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl? It’s simply better flooring. We love our teak patterns and timeless neutrals like the Linen Luxury™, Stacked Stone™, and Wood Grain™ inspired collections because they are designed with form and function in mind. All of Infinity’s products are equipped with U.V.-stable, fade-resistant, antimicrobial technology, giving it both durability and style that can’t be matched. They are pet friendly, mold and mildew, gasoline, grease and motor oil resistant.

First introduced to the marine industry in 2011, our vinyls made a fast impression because of their value and moxie. Today, yacht builders choose Infinity because of its durability and use, and designers choose it because of its look and feel. It’s no surprise that Infinity has partnered with some of the top boat brands such as Avalon, Cris Craft, Tiara, SeaRay, and Chaparral, as a result. 

All of our products are made and produced in the U.S. and have been thoroughly tested and proven to withstand even the most demanding environments. When considering the design and reliability of your yacht’s interiors, consider Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl. Visit us online for more information and samples.

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