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Luxury Woven Vinyl™ (LWV) features a unique, heavy-traffic rated vinyl backing that makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor use on many types of surfaces. Available in 8’6” and 10’ widths and offered on three cushion backing thicknesses, LWV is an excellent choice for heavy contract, hospitality, healthcare, restaurants, fitness centers, country clubs, and retail stores, as well as aviation, recreation vehicles, and marine. LWV is antimicrobial, stain and soil resistant and made in the USA.

Please note: swatch images are for reference only, and colors may vary from one screen to another. To ensure proper coloration, please request samples before ordering.

Luxury Woven Vinyl™, like all vinyl, requires a regularly scheduled cleaning program. Clean the vinyl off on a weekly basis with clear water to prevent dirt from becoming deeply embedded in the fabric. It is important that efforts begin immediately after a spill to remove any potential staining agent. In most environments, a thorough cleaning will be required as soiling dictates. For more detailed information on care and cleaning of Luxury Woven Vinyl™ click here.

What is the fiber content made of?

What is the backing made of?
Frothed Vinyl memory

What widths does it come in?
8’6” & 10’

What thicknesses does Luxury Woven Vinyl ™ come in?

  • Ultrathin (UT) .062- .069”
  • Compact Cushion (CC) .115-.146”
  • Heavy Duty (HD) .150 -.223”
  • Does it get moldy if wet?
    Luxury Woven Vinyl ™ is Mold & Mildew Resistant as well as being Antimicrobial

    Does it stain easily?
    Luxury Woven Vinyl ™ is Soil & Stain Resistant and easy to clean.

    How many styles and patterns of Luxury Woven Vinyl ™ are available to choose from?
    We offer 18 collections with over 180 colors to choose from.

    What applications is Luxury Woven Vinyl ™ most frequently used for?

  • Heavy Commercial
  • Marine
  • Recreation Vehicle (RV)
  • Does Luxury Woven Vinyl ™ ­come with any warranty?
    Luxury Woven Vinyl ™ comes with a ten (10) Year Limited UV Fade Warranty.