Recreational Vehicles

In 2013, Luxury Woven Vinyl™ (LWV) was first introduced to the Recreational Vehicle (RV) industry and it immediately revolutionized the perception of floor covering. Infinity and our LWV flooring introduced unique designs and dynamic performance that was, and remains, unmatched. With superior resistance to mold, mildew, stains, soil and wear, LWV expands the recreational experience giving a RVer less to worry about and more time to enjoy time with family, pets and friends. Beyond the technical performance, we offer the industry more designs and colors to ensure that our flooring enhances the overall look of the RV, personalizing it to fit your style. Why spend so much on a RV that doesn’t reflect its owner?

Check out the RV gallery above and see real life examples that prove that Infinity’s Luxury Woven Vinyl™ is simply better flooring.