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Why I Love Infinity 04.18.17

I’m seventy years old and have been a boater for fifty years. I owned my first boat at twenty years old

and never looked back. I’ve had everything from a 17 foot runabout to a houseboat. Through all the

boats I’ve owned, I always returned to Larson. They make a great boat; sturdy, well designed and eye

catching. Now that I have grandkids and live on the scenic Lake Minnetonka outside of Minneapolis, I

wanted a boat that would fit my family comfortably while also providing some creature comforts. I

chose the Larson Escape 23 pontoon. It is easy to maneuver, spacious and has enough power to pull my

grandkids on a tube. Up until this point, all of my boats had carpet. No matter how well they moved

through the water, the upkeep became a pain. Our new Larson had something different; woven vinyl

flooring. At first, I was skeptical. Would I slip? Even worse, would my grandchildren? Would sand and

dirt get stuck? How hot would it feel on my feet? Would it rip or tear with heavy use, pets and anchors?

I couldn’t imagine how easily the flooring cleans! I was even more impressed at its traction and

durability. Over two years of heavy use and the floor looks as brand new as when we bought it. I’ve

gotten so many compliments from friends and when they see me pull the boat up to the dock after a

long day of food and drink and hose it off, they are astonished. I’ve come to gather that my woven vinyl

flooring, Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl™ is simply better flooring. I wouldn’t expect any less from Larson,

my favorite boat builder. I have the “First Impression” pontoon, turning heads as we cruise along the

lake with the flooring that envy of the marina.