A new innovation in flooring for fishing boats!

Standard vinyl flooring in aluminum fishing boats is typically hard and unforgiving. So for this 2018 model year, our partner Lowe Boats wanted to provide its customers with something a bit different and maybe even unexpected — pontoon-like comfort. But they didn’t want that comfort to come at the expense of durability or style.

Working with Lowe, we were able to develop a product that was thin enough to bend around doors, hatches, and decks, but still offer the comfort one would find in a premium vinyl product. While the flooring we manufacture for pontoons has a blown vinyl backing, this new product incorporates a featherweight polyester backing that directly attaches to the woven vinyl, making for maximum wrap-ability around sharp corners and tight edges — perfect for fishing boats. Additionally, we were able to manufacture the flooring pattern in such a way that it consistently matches up no matter how it’s placed, meaning that the transitions between storage doors, the deck and hatch lids are totally seamless.

Always looking for ways to give boaters an experience in luxury and comfort they’ve never experienced before in a fishing boat, Lowe is the only manufacturer using a woven vinyl product with this featherweight backing this model year. And since being introduced, this new flooring has received positive reviews from dealers and customers alike — it was even in the running for an innovation award at the 2018 Minneapolis Boat Show.

Thanks to these unique and dynamic partnerships we have with brands like Lowe, we’re able to continue pushing the envelope when it comes to creating luxury woven vinyl flooring that suit boat manufacturers and their customers. We can’t wait to see what 2019 has to offer.

To learn more about Lowe and their 2018 Deep-V model fishing boats, visit www.LoweBoats.com.