Cashing In: Infinity's Porsche Experience a Huge Success

Infinity went into planning for the 2018 trade show with a mission: help to fight the ‘floor fatigue’ that is oftentimes felt during a large event like IBEX. They decided to do this by gamifying their booth as “High Stakes” and hosting a poker run, exclusive to boat builders, where the best hand received an all-expense paid trip to Atlanta to enjoy the Porsche Experience. The Poker Run went extremely well. Infinity dealt out all 50 hands and the competition was stiff. When it came time to judge the hands, Teresa Phelps of G3 Boats revealed a Full House, deeming her the overall winner of the poker run. She generously decided to let her son, Kelby Phelps take part in the Porsche joyride in Atlanta. Kelby chose to test drive the Porsche 911 Turbo and the Porsche 911 GT3. Afterward, when asked about his ride Kelby said, ”the 911 Turbo drove like an everyday driving car with extreme power.” He also added, “I felt very at ease driving this car and that it was very fun to drift in it.” The 911 GT3, however, was a whole different story. Kelby said, “ this car felt like a true race car and I could feel my adrenaline building as I took the wheel.” The feedback from the experience thrilled Infinity and it seemed as though the winner felt the same. Next year at IBEX, Infinity plans to bring even more gamification and fun to their booth. This year, the stakes were high, and Infinity has no plans of ever lowering the level of expectation they have brought to the table with this unique experience.