Ship Shape TV Ditches Carpet for Infinity

Infinity’s Luxury Woven Vinyl flooring was the perfect solution when Ship Shape TV host John Greviskis was looking for a modern, easy to clean option to replace his outdated pontoon boat carpet. John’s boat is subject to a vast array of weather conditions in Adirondack Park, especially harsh winters, and his current flooring had rust stains and other blemishes. It was time for an upgrade.

The wonderful thing about choosing to go with Infinity is the fact that you can do it yourself. With a couple of helping hands by his side, John decided to replace his flooring from the comfort of his own cabin home on Tupper Lake.

The do-it-yourself job began with the removal of the pontoon fencing, along with any other obstacles that might stand in their way, such as furniture, cabinets, the helm chair, and of course the original carpet. The old carpet didn’t go down without a fight, and the team ended up lassoing the carpet and tying it to the hitch of a pickup truck in order to pull it off. After the carpet ‘rodeo’, there were still some remaining carpet fibers and glue left over, so they used grit paper and dual action sanders to eliminate any additional remnants.

“They make a line of luxury woven vinyl that is so beautiful”, John said of Infinity’s product. He had four top picks when it came down to what would take the place of the carpet on his pontoon. John is in a more muddy, gritty sand area, so he needs the personality of his flooring to match that of the environment. Infinity not only aims to match the flooring to the environment it will be in, but they also “want it to fit the unique personality of the boat owner,” Warren McCrickard, the Director of Strategy, Corporate Development and Communications, said.

To find out which flooring choice John went with, watch the full video here: 


John's Top 4 Picks:

Wicker Weave, Gulf Sand

Current, Rhythm

Affordable Texture Plus, African Thatch

Teak Supreme I, Putty Pearl