Summer Grilling Guide

First up on our guide is how to keep your summer barbeque on the lighter side without sacrificing flavor. The easiest way to achieve a healthy spread is by adding as much color as possible. By adding fruits and veggies like watermelon, zucchini, pineapple, eggplant, and bell peppers, you’re adding essential vitamins and nutrients to the table for your friends and family. Just because a food is nutritious doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Add some flavor to your veggies with unique spice blends and marinades or make a zesty fruit salad with berries and citrus fruits galore. We know that hot dogs and hamburgers are royalty when it comes to the hierarchy of grillable meats, but we believe lighter choices packed with protein like salmon, shrimp, and turkey burgers are next in line for the throne this summer. These lean proteins are easy to cook, flavorful, and impressive when plated.

If you’ve ever decided to throw a big, healthy barbeque but neglected to consider how you’d budget for it, these next few tips are for you. We get it, you wanted to be the ‘host with the most,’ and now you’re realizing just how expensive that title can be. Don’t worry; there is still hope! Our first tip? Don’t be afraid to delegate. By making a list and circling a few things you can ask your guests to bring, you’ll lessen your shopping load while allowing your guests to pitch in in the process. Next up, keep your eyes peeled for those sizzling summer sales grocery stores are having on meats, veggies, and all other grilling needs like plates, buns, and condiments. Stocking up on these items saves time and money. Who doesn’t like to be prepared every once and a while? Lastly, find a protein on sale. Since this is what the majority of your budget will be spent on, choose wisely. During grilling season, there is most likely a selection of seafood, poultry, or other meat on sale.

Our last tip is simple: work with what you’ve got. Yes, your guests are coming for good eats and treats, but chances are the company is the most important takeaway for them. Don’t overthink it by spending time on little details like the decor. Let the spread and activities speak for themselves. Set up a couple of fun games like cornhole or volleyball to get your guests active and extra hungry for the great meal they are about to experience. By spending more time focusing on the quality of food and fun you’re providing instead of what color napkins to buy, we guarantee your guests will walk away with full bellies and full hearts. Now, get to grilling!

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