Our partners over at  Grady-White Boats are always coming up with innovative ways to use Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl. One of the most iconic brands in the marine industry, Grady-White knows luxury when it sees it, so it doesn’t limit its use of our designer product on its boats’ floors — they use it on some pretty surprising surfaces, too.

Here are four ways Grady-White is putting our luxury woven vinyl flooring to good use:

  1. A Special Footrest

    Grady-White’s Canyon 271 FS is an awesome saltwater sportfishing boat— one where performance and comfort meet to provide every passenger, even if they don’t have a rod and reel in hand, a luxury experience. But whoever’s lucky enough to don the captain’s hat and sit behind the wheel gets an added bonus — a footrest clad in Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl. Even though a boat’s footrest doesn’t see the most traffic in terms of number of feet, it’s one of those areas that sees constant usage, and having a high-performance product in place that’s both durable and comfortable, is another way to provide a luxury experience on the water.

    1. A Luxury Escape

      Our partner’s 32-foot Freedom 325 is all about comfort and function, which makes it the perfect boat for entertaining. But of course, at every party, the head is going to see a lot of use. Anyone escaping to the head on this boat is going to find a product that both holds up and cleans up. With Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl under their feet, guests are in for a luxurious experience in an unexpected place.

      1. ‘Rugged yet comfortable.’

        The head of Grady-White’s Canyon 306 also gets the LWV treatment. This 30-foot center console sport fishing boat not only features luxury woven vinyl on the floor, but also on the surrounding counter space, too.

        1. A Gathering Place


          On Grady-White’s 27-foot Freedom 275 dual console, the bow table is a gathering place. Whether you’re with friends on a sportfishing adventure or out on the water for some quality time with the family, at some point you’re all going to be seated around it to chow down. Luckily, spilled drinks and food are no match for this bow table — it’s covered with Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl, which makes cleaning a breeze.

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