B-Gain, an Infinity International Distributor located in Korea, has been making waves in the marine business since 2011. What started as a passion for sailing quickly grew into a supplier service of products to help make customer’s boats beautiful.  

 Over the past eight years, B-Gain has sought out the best-qualified materials in the world and succeeded. They’ve learned many things from the people and market in the USA and when they find a product that they believe is a home run, they introduce this into the Korean market. That’s why in 2017 B-Gain began actively promoting Infinity Woven Products. When B-Gain first introduced their marine customers to Infinity, the response was an instant hit. Now, they have even had opportunities to introduce Infinity to even more niche customers.

While most of B-Gain’s customers are yacht and boat manufacturers, with products like Infinity, they have been able to expand into other industries such as the RV sector. One great achievement is their work with Sungwoo Company, a sub-contractor of manufacturing Hyundai Solati RV and Grand Starex models. Hyundai Motors changes the interior design and flooring every year and B-Gain has been engaged in the bidding process and has successfully worked with Hyundai Starex last year in supplying Infinity products. 


When asked why they chose Infinity, Seung-Jun, Park, President of B-Gain responded, “Why Infinity? Because it’s the best!!!” This is only the beginning of a wonderful relationship with B-Gain and Infinity looks forward to the future.

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