What is Luxury Woven Vinyl (LWV) made of?

LWV is made from a PVC coated polyester yarn.

What is the backing made of?

The backing is made of a blown PVC. 

How many backings do you offer?

We offer 2 different backings: Compact Cushion (.115-.146” thickness) and Heavy Duty (.150-.223” thickness).

How many widths do you offer?

We offer 8’6″ and 10′ widths.

Is LWV pet friendly?

Absolutely! Our weave technology keeps the fibers secure through a PVC coating that is resistant to frays, picking or claw damage.

What is the best method to clean LWV flooring?

Please find our Care & Cleaning Resource link here.

How do you install LWV?

You can apply LWV flooring directly with a glue down adhesion, bound mats or loose lay depending on the application. Please find more information on our resource page

Do you sell adhesive directly?

Yes, use the Contact Us Form or contact your Sales & Service Specialist at 706-529-2241

What Adhesive do you use on wall application?

Depending on the the area of the wall application and the backing used, a spray adhesive is most commonly applied to the wall. 

What do I cut LWV with?

You can cut LWV with a utility knife. The blade should always be new. Never use dull blades.

How do I prep the surface?

For our Recreational Flooring Installation Guide please click here.

For our Contract Flooring Installation Guide please click here.

Can the flooring be seamed?

Butt the two product edges together. Lay masking tape on both sides of the seam. Inject the seam sealer and pull the tape up.

I’m DIY, can I buy direct from you?

We do not sell direct to consumers but are happy to assist you in finding the best way to purchase and install. Contact us here.

What is the warranty?

Please find our warranty statements for Luxury Woven Vinyl™ Warranty and Supreme Bimini, Awning & Canvas Warranty in our resource center.

Where can I see your full collection of products?

We have hi-resolution photos of all our collections. View them through our Flooring tab. 

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