Flooring Adhesive – AAT 390 Adhesive Glue 4 Gallon



AAT-390 is a solvent free, copolymer adhesive specifically designed for the professional installation of marine carpets and sheet vinyl. AAT-390 offers excellent resistance to moisture when fully cured. AAT-390 is compatible with most carpet backings and felt back sheet goods. AAT-390 is non-flammable, freeze – thaw stable (if allowed to freeze, thaw out at room temperature (70oF+) before using, do not stir adhesive while ice crystals are present). This adhesive is protected by the CleanGuard® two-stage antimicrobial. CleanGuard® is a specifically formulated broad-spectrum, anti-microbial agent that protects the adhesives and sealers from microorganisms, such as mold or mildew, in both the wet and dry state.