Daily Maintenance

Infinity floor covering should be regularly vacuumed. A vacuum cleaner with strong suction and soft brushes that loosen the dirt while removing it at the same time is recommended. To achieve the best results from your vacuum, follow the instructions from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): https://www.cdc.gov/healthywater/emergency/cleaning-sanitizing/household-cleaning-sanitizing.html

Preventive Maintenance

It is suggested that a walk-off mat is used to reduce the number of soils and other foot-borne impurities that may be carried into the Infinity Woven Vinyl Flooring space. The recommended castors for Infinity Woven Vinyl Flooring are those with wide surface areas, similar to castors made for hard surface flooring. To protect the seams and joints, please use chair pads.

Spot Cleaning

Remove stains as soon as possible to avoid setting of the spill. Spot removal is best handled in the following steps. First, the largest portion of the spill should be removed by blotting or wiping up. During this step, be careful not to apply so much pressure that the stain spreads.

  • Watery spills should be blotted with a clean cloth or paper towels to remove.
  • Solid spills should be scraped using a blunt scraper, brushed with a medium-bristle brush to loosen the embedded material, and finally vacuumed to remove the solid particles.
  • Semi-solids (soft foods, mud, etc.) should be allowed to dry, then aggressively brushed with a medium bristle brush and vacuumed away.

Once the spill has been removed, the rest can be treated and removed using a general spot cleaner. Spot Shot™ aerosol is an effective spot cleaner choice. It can be sprayed directly on the spill, worked in with a brush for 1 to 2 minutes, and blotted away. When the stain is fully removed, spray a small amount of water on the area and blot to remove the water with a paper towel.

For difficult stains, Infinity Woven Products recommends spot cleaning with Clorox Clean-Up™ directly to the spill. Allow the cleaning product to remain on the flooring for 3-5 minutes. Then use a soft brush to scrub the stain and blot the stain with a sponge or clean towel to complete the cleaning process. Depending on the age and severity of the stain, this cleaning process may need to be repeated.

Periodic Deep Cleaning

Depending on the level of traffic, Infinity may require a deeper cleaning system. If this occurs, hot water extraction is recommended to effectively clean the floor.


Download Care and Cleaning PDF