In the design industry, there’s one term that seems to be spreading like wildfire: biophilia. Biophilia is described by Edward O. Wilson as, “the innate tendency to focus on life and lifelike processes.” This idea only makes sense, as we see millions of people spending money every day to get closer to nature through national parks, beaches, mountains, and other natural wonders of the world. Some travelers choose to get an even closer look through hikes, bike rides, and other outdoor recreational activities, and it’s only natural. Humans have an innate desire to be in and around nature; it’s in our DNA.

Biophilic design an innovative way of designing the places where we live, work and learn by focusing on bringing nature indoors, making it the focal point in interior design. This practice of bringing the outdoors in originated long before the recent influx in interest. In fact, there is evidence of this trend dating all the way back to Babylonian times.  This term has now been introduced into the flooring industry for 2019 and Infinity is eager to see how they can take this unique design concept and incorporate it even more into their products.

current Biophilic design is composed of various elements all working towards the same goal: to be as close to nature as possible. Some of these elements include light, water, plants, and natural landscapes. Each of these elements brings unique benefits to the table. Light provides a sense of well-being and comfort, while water elements tend to decrease stress and boost performance. Design inspired by plants and natural landscapes gains the most attention, as they seem to have the most direct correlation to nature. These elements have also been shown to increase productivity and boost

 In many ways, Infinity was ahead of this trend. Because our flooring was designed primarily for recreational and outdoor applications, in the beginning, many of our most coveted designs were inspired by elements of nature and the outdoors. Popular designs such as Current, Surf, and Bamboo are all inspired by elements of nature, from the names to the design itself. Both Current and Surf were designed to mimic the movement of water and Bamboo has a reed-like design, much like the plant itself.

 As we expand into the contract industry, it is becoming more and more clear that biophilic designs are here to stay. Often times, the indoor environments we are in for long periods of time, such as office spaces, can alienate us from the outdoors. Infinity hopes to continue to bring people back to nature through innovative and engaging biophilic designs.


Want to check out some of our biophilic designs? Click here. You won’t be-leaf your eyes.

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