Before reading our FAQ, please make sure you have read:

Contract Installation Guidelines.


Q: How are the goods delivered to the installer or job site?

A: The flooring is delivered face out with the cushion down.

Q: Is there anything I need to do before installation?

  A: Before cutting check the following: product quality, color, style, and dimensions

Q: How long should I let this product relax before gluing it?

A: Standard practice for resilient flooring is to unroll the product and let it relax for 24 hours. We strongly recommend this 24-hour timeline and helps to ensure 100% transfer from the glue to the foam.

Q: What are the approved substrates that I can glue the cushion to?

  1. APA grade Underlayment Plywood
  2. Associated Grade Particleboard
  3. Cork Underlayment
  4. OSB
  5. Concrete
  6. Recycled Rubber

Q: Is there a standard practice you would like me to follow for prepping the substrate?

   A: Please follow the ASTM F710-11. It is the sole responsibility of the installer/contractor to ensure that the concrete surface is properly prepared prior to installation.

Q: What kind of seams are recommended for your product in a high traffic area?

 A: We highly recommend a chemical seam sealer Mannington MSS-20

Q: How do I apply the seam sealer properly?

  1. Butt the two product edges together.
  2. Lay masking tape on both sides of the seam
  3. Inject the seam sealer
  4. Pull the tape up.

Q: Why does the product have to be rolled with a 35-50 pounds floor roller?

A: The product is so light in weight that the water based wet adhesive will natural create air pockets.

Q: How long should I tell the end user to stay off the seams and flooring?

   A: Infinity recommends to keep the traffic limited for 24 to 48 hours.


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