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Fish Boat flooring never looked so good!
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Marine and RV woven vinyl flooring.
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Marine Industry

Infinity revolutionized the look and feel of floor coverings when we introduced the first-to-market marine woven vinyl flooring. Branded as Luxury Woven Vinyl (LWV), our product became the gold standard for flooring and began outshining the idea of traditional carpet. Our unique designs, commonly known as Seagrass, and dynamic performance remain unmatched, solidifying Infinity LWV as the most high performing, durable, and beautiful brand in the market.

Better Than Teak II™ Collection

RV Industry

Infinity also fabricated the first-to-market RV woven vinyl flooring to boast superior resistance to mold, mildew, stains, soil and wear. By providing a product that is equally comfortable and durable, our LWV flooring enhances the recreational experience and decreases maintenance requirements while increasing performance and luxury. We offer optimum personalization with a wide range of designs and colors to ensure our flooring always suits you.

Raffia™­ Collection

Hospitality Industry

Infinity was established to provide designers and specifiers with dynamically designed, high performing, beautifully crafted woven vinyl flooring. Fitting the personality of the environment is key in hospitality, and we take great pride in providing a luxury woven vinyl that makes a lasting first impression.

Basket Weave™ Collection

Contract Industry

Contract projects can be time consuming and often require great attention to detail, but with Infinity, flooring is easy to install, requires low maintenance, and adds luxury and beauty to any space. By offering our woven vinyl in a vast array of colors and collections, we have become the preferred choice for designers and specifiers.

Wicker Weave™ Collection



Luxury Woven Vinyl™ (LWV) outperforms the rest because it not only combines both style and practicality, but also has the added benefits of being heavy traffic rated, lightweight, and incredibly easy to clean. LWV also features a cushioned vinyl backing that provides long-lasting relief and support.

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Composed of woven vinyl yarns similar to our flooring, Supreme Canvas is built to last with more durability than conventional acrylic or polyester materials. Our canvas is constructed to work in the harshest environments and is offered in a wide array of colors from traditional black to bright white.

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"Wonderful texture and color! The owner felt very comfortable like home after fishing."

BGain Co. Ltd.

“La Patrona” 1996 Grandbanks Eastbay 38'

Custom Marine Carpeting
Costa Mesa, CA

"I replaced snap-in boat deck carpets with Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl snap-in mats"

Laura Pandolfo
Owner/Operator of L.A.P. of Luxury LLC
L.A.P. of Luxury

"I was provided Luxury Woven Vinyl™ flooring from Infinity to complete a daybed and slide out. I used the Compact Cushion (CC) and it turned out wonderful."

Ray Burr
Vancouver, Canada
Love Your RV!

Infinity Blog

Ghost Fishing: Marine Life’s Biggest Threat
September 27, 2018

Ghost Fishing: Marine Life’s Biggest Threat

‘Ghost Fishing’ and ‘ghost nets’ cause a vicious cycle of events in ocean ecosystem. Caught fish die in the nets, which in turn attracts scavengers who are sure to face the same fate. Lost fishing gear is one of the greatest factors killing ocean life today, and not just because of the number of nets that are lost.
How Millennials are Revamping the RV Industry
September 15, 2018

How Millennials are Revamping the RV Industry

Now, more than ever, younger generations are looking for smaller homes that provide bigger opportunities for traveling and entertainment. While camping is an escape from reality that baby boomers have known about for a while, millennials are jumping on board and spreading the trend like wildfire.
Infinity Joins the Voyage Into Healing
August 30, 2018

Infinity Joins the Voyage Into Healing

Patricia Leat believed in the healing properties the ocean can provide, and that's what led her to turn her 50′ ketch rigged sailboat into an escape for special needs children and their families. Once Infinity heard about this extraordinary cause and Patricia’s mission for Voyage Into Healing, they knew they had to get involved.