Love Your RV! Review of Infinity LWV Flooring

A fulltime RVer, Ray Burr of Love Your RV! fame has put over 60,000 miles on his 30’ Keystone Cougar fifth wheel trailer these past six years, traveling with wife Anne and pup Angie from one beautiful landscape to the next. Of course, he’s documented his experiences along the way, sharing tips and tricks and expert reviews with readers to become one of the leading authorities on all things RV.

In 2015, Ray installed Infinity LWV flooring in his fifth wheel during a summer renovation project, which gave his interior a more sleek and modern look and made it much easier to clean, especially with Angie hanging around. Back then, we received the old Love Your RV! 2 Thumbs Up from Ray, but we’ve been wondering how it’s held up since — had it met its match with Angie’s muddy paws or something worse? So we caught up with Ray recently to find out.

How many miles have you put on the RV since you’ve installed our LWV flooring?

Hard to say since our RV is a fifth wheel trailer, but I would guesstimate roughly 10,000 miles. We live in our RV full time, and I installed the Infinity product approximately 2 1/2 years, so it’s seen a decent amount of use.

And how has it held up?

It's held up well. I'm extremely impressed that it could handle the daily wear and tear of my wife's computer chair rolling around on it. The only place I've noticed any sort of degradation is on the stairs. I wrapped the Infinity Woven Vinyl around the stair treads. On the front edge, I have noticed some minor wear of the fabric. Caution would need to be taken when using where a slide retracts over it. Make sure you have the type of slide-out room that doesn't drag across the flooring. Some RVs use carpeting for this purpose.

What’s impressed you the most?

The ease of cleaning. Many spills — which were a huge pain to clean when we had traditional RV carpeting — are now a breeze. (E.g., when our little beagle has an accident from either end of her, I just wipe up with a paper towel and finish the job with a spray cleaner. Mess and smell, gone!)

Speaking of Angie, does she approve? What do you think she likes best about LWV?

She loves it. I think her favorite thing to do is rub her face against it. I guess it's the perfect texture to cure an itchy snout.

Would you still recommend Infinity LWV to someone else after several years of using it?

Yes. It's a good product for use in an RV. For us, it's been a much better solution than carpeting. It’s a luxury product and that to me means a stylish product with higher quality standards and comfort.

Do you plan on using Infinity for any future projects?

When our RV’s original linoleum bathroom flooring needs replacing we are seriously considering choosing Infinity flooring.

Any words of advice for a fellow RVer looking to swap out their old carpeting for LWV flooring?

I've had success with using double-sided carpet tape for keeping it laid flat, especially in places that are on a vertical surface.

Anything else you’d like to add?

The product is not just flooring. It can be useful for many other surfaces in an RV. With a little creativity, a person can come up with some unique and stylish ways to make their RV stand out from the cookie-cutter OEM decors.

Big thanks to Ray for taking the time to update us on his adventures and give us the scoop on how well LWV is holding up for him and his traveling companions! Be sure to follow along with Ray and his RV adventures at