Designed to Perform

Over the years, Infinity Woven Products, LLC has offered designers and specifiers premier floor fashion proven to withstand even the most demanding environments. Each of our products is equipped with UV-stable fade resistance and antimicrobial technology, giving them both durability and style that can’t be matched.

Founded on the principles of sustainability, innovation, and client education, Infinity continues to change the status quo. Our Luxury Woven Vinyl flooring features unique, heavy-traffic rated vinyl backing that is ideal for indoor and outdoor use, so it goes where you go.

Rated for Heavy Commercial Traffic
Soil + Stain Resistant
Mold + Mildew Resistant
Gasoline, Grease, and Motor Oil Resistant
Ultra-Violet Stable + Fade Resistant
Easy to Clean
Pet Friendly
Available in 8'6"and 10' width

“This stuff is crazy. Like crazy GOOD. Like, really crazy good. It was originally intended for boats and other marine applications because of its waterproof nature, but more recently people (like us) are realizing how versatile it is for RV’s, travel trailers and anything else where you need a heavy-duty, hard-wearing flooring solution that’s still attractive and modern.”

Lauren Jade Martin
Blogger, Lauren Jade Martin

"WE LOVE IT! The flooring completely cleans up the look of our boat. It makes it way prettier and I can’t stop saying it. Not only does it look amazing but it feels amazing too. With the cushiest of cushy backings, walking on our floor is no longer a pain."

Genevieve Stolz
Blogger, It’s a Necessity

"We are more than pleased with how our RV interior renovation turned out & Infinity was a big part of it. Not only is it easy to clean & maintain, it’s beautiful to look at. Our beagle Angie gave it the muddy paws treatment with no lasting effects. Everything just wipes right off. I’m a very happy camper. I give it 2 thumbs up! I believe other DIY guys like me will love it."

Ray Burr
Blogger, Love Your RV!

"To us, Luxury means Infinity over Carpet any day. We don’t even have carpet in our house. We actually have Infinity in our house! Just the feeling of the product under your bare feet. Its very comfortable to walk on, especially in the heat. And it cleans up really easily, which is a big thing for us, because frankly, we don’t like to clean!"

Rocky & Theresa Griner
Bow to Stern Upholstery and Repair
Bow to Stern

"The longevity of Infinity Woven Vinyl is wonderful, the 10 year warranty is wonderful, the way it feels under your feet is wonderful, it really eases up the stress on all day boat trips. I love the fact that it is easily cleanable as opposed to the way carpet used to be where it would grow things and I am glad I haven’t had that problem with Infinity. And then all of the amazing, wonderful designs..."

Tammy Hampton
EZ-Xtend Zipper & Cover Girl Canvas

“Your flooring has provided a bit of non skid, a bit of softness and a lighter, brighter boat. I feel this flooring adds a safety component to our sailing.For us it also adds a level of comfort for our feet while standing, a much better level of comfort when kneeling to service something in a bilge.”

Patricia Leat
Voyage Into Healing