The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) is the nation’s leading trade association representing boat, marine engine and accessory manufacturers. The NMMA is dedicated to advocating for and promoting the strength of marine manufacturing, the sales and service networks of its members, and the boating lifestyle. When industry leaders took a look at how the boating lifestyle was represented, they realized a key component was missing: diversity.

The boating industry has brought people together for many years and as it continues to do so, its leaders knew the industry should reflect the many faces that sit at the helm. We had the chance to interview Carl Blackwell, the Chief Marketing Officer of the NMMA and the President of Grow Boating, about recent diversity initiatives and what this means for the future of the marine industry. What he had to say was not only informative, but inspirational, especially as Infinity looks towards the future of boating.

“Being inclusive, whether in our boat show marketing or Discover Boating marketing campaign, is at the root of our efforts,” said Blackwell. The NMMA embraces this way of thinking and is continuously encouraging all stakeholders and members to see the importance of engaging new markets.

When asked what it means for him to have a commitment to inclusion, he said, “The industry’s future depends on opening doors to everyone in order to see sustained growth.” To make strides toward said growth, Discover Boating brought back its Welcome to the Water campaign to illustrate their commitment to welcoming everyone to the world of boating. The campaign’s promotional efforts are inclusive and welcoming, due to the conscious effort made by the NMMA and Discover Boating to portray our country’s diverse population within the campaign’s imagery. They also make deliberate decisions in who they target with their media, allowing them to simultaneously educate and reach potential new customers.

The strides towards more diversity in the world of boating are being made towards different races and genders, as well as ages. “The average age of today’s boater is 56, and that average continues to rise,” noted Blackwell, “To engage the next generation of boaters, we need to welcome more people to the water by providing opportunities for them to experience the boating lifestyle.”

As a member of the NMMA, Infinity was quick to adopt these efforts towards diversity and hopes others will follow. Infinity has already been active in some of these learning lessons and feels it is 100% necessary to participate in celebrating the diversity that exists already within the industry, while also bringing more awareness to it. We want to make sure our audience is as diverse as our many product offerings.

Be sure to check out our Anthem video promoting inclusion and diversity on the water below!

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